LOGIC – Linking of Global Intensive Care

09 11 2021

Our group is growing! We now represent 18 registries in 15 countries in Europe, The Americas, Oceania and Asia.

More than 6 Million ICU admissions in our benchmarking platform help you understand the results of your ICU, region of the world and your national registry.

New members from Europe and Asia will join us in the 2nd semester of 2021 and we are aiming to reach 20 countries!

The LOGIC benchmarking platform was just updated! All data from 2020 including COVID-19 patients is available and can be used by all registries. Thanks for the collaboration and trust in this project.

Check out the recent publications from LOGIC and from individual LOGIC members!

Time to Revisit Treatment Limitations in Critical Care Benchmarking.

Beane A, Dongelmans DA, Fernandez AL, Guidet B, Haniffa R, Arias Lopez MP, Pilcher D, Salluh J, Vijayaraghavan BKT; Linking of Global Intensive Care Collaboration (LOGIC).

Crit Care Med. 2021 Apr 1;49(4):e472-e473

A discussion on the implications of care limitations in outcomes of ICU patients and its interpretation for ICU performance evaluation.

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Intensive care for COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries: research opportunities and challenges.

Salluh JIF, Burghi G, Haniffa R. Intensive Care Med. 2021 Feb;47(2):226-229.

Concise review on how LMICs responded to COVID-19 with research initiatives.

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A scoping review of registry captured indicators for evaluating quality of critical care in ICU.

Jawad I, Rashan S, Sigera C, Salluh J, Dondorp AM, Haniffa R, Beane A.

J Intensive Care. 2021 Aug 5;9(1):48.

A detailed review of current quality indicators used for ICUs worldwide.

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Ongoing Research

We have finished a survey on how registries responded to the challenges of COVID-19. We were thrilled by the massive participation of current LOGIC members and other non-member registries! Results are being analyzed and will be published soon.

We are currently enrolling registries to a study on the impact of the pandemic on the case-mix and ICU performance as captured by national registries and large databases. Join us!

Join LOGIC and be a part of the only international and independent consortium for ICU benchmarking and quality improvement.

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