Worldwide clinical intensive care registries response to the pandemic: An international survey

14 09 2022

Dave A Dongelmans 1Amanda Quintairos 2Eirik Alnes Buanes 3Diptesh Aryal 4Sean Bagshaw 5Stepani Bendel 6Joe Bonney 7Gaston Burghi 8Eddy Fan 9Bertrand Guidet 10Rashan Haniffa 11Madiha Hashimi 12Satoru Hashimoto 13Nao Ichihara 14Bharath Kumar Tirupakuzhi Vijayaraghavan 15Nazir Lone 16Maria Del Pilar Arias Lopez 17Mohd Zulfakar Mazlam 18Hiroshi Okamoto 19Andreas Perren 20Kathy Rowan 21Martin Sigurdsson 22Wangari Silka 23Marcio Soares 24Grazielle Viana 25David Pilcher 26Abigail Beane 27Jorge I F Salluh 24


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Conflict of interest statement

Declaration of Competing Interest Drs Salluh and Soares are co-founders and shareholders of Epimed Solutions, a cloud-based analytics company. Dr. D.A. Dongelmans is unpaid chair of NICE foundation. The other authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest.


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