International Comparisons of ICU Performance: A Proposed Approach to Severity Scoring Systems

22 02 2023

International Comparisons of ICU Performance: A Proposed Approach to Severity Scoring Systems

Amanda QuintairosRashan HaniffaDave DongelmansJorge I F SalluhLOGIC (Linking of Global Intensive Care)

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Conflict of interest statement

Dr. Salluh is a shareholder of Epimed Solutions. Dr. Haniffa was a founding collaborator of the Global Open Source Severity of Illness Score initiative. Dr. Haniffa disclosed that he is the founding collaborator of Linking of Global Intensive Care, director of Crit Care Asia Network Registry, trustee of Network for Improving Critical Care Systems and Training, and co-lead of Critical Care Asia and Africa; received support for article research from the Wellcome Trust/Charity Open Access Fund. The remaining authors have disclosed that they do not have any potential conflicts of interest.


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The LOGIC Team